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Hey, I'm MissBensonn & welcome to my blog!


I'm a BSc & MSc grad in my 20s still trying to figure things out. I’ve often considered the idea of blogging to help document the stuff I get upto in my life. 

So I'm really excited to finally be starting this journey and I can't wait to take you along with me. Missbensonn.com is just an account of my thoughts and experiences on various things. I often write in the tone I'd use with friends, with this in mind I'm really trying to tame my potty mouth.


I love a Bible quote, I find them very reassuring and tend to include them where I can.

Hopefully this helps someone as well as myself. Thanks for stopping by & hopefully see you again soon


MB xo​.

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For all enquiries please email hello@missbensonn.com

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