Firstly, if you’re reading this, then you’ve made the crossover to 2019! That alone is a big achievement and all praise goes to the maker.

If you haven’t been told already, congratulations my beloved! You have already come so far. You are a winner, you are a champion and if you’re not proud, you should be because I am, not only of you but of myself too.

Mate, this is the year of putting yourself out there! I’m talking professionally, romantically, physically, financially, mentally even economically and anything else that ends in A double L Y… you get my gist! It's only now at 24 that I truly, whole heartedly believe, if I say I can do it, I can fucking do it and whose going to tell me I can’t? No one. Oh and this also applies to you too. So let’s start believing in us way more & get shit poppin’!

Listen the reality is, there are people out there, less qualified and talented than us living out our professional & creative dreams purely because they believed they could and that’s what they’re doing. Having qualifications/talent is cool and stuff but without faith and self-belief that you’re the shit and can actually do it, I guess it’s just pointless.

I know I’m not the only one so excited to start a New Year lol. So we really need to keep the same energy throughout 2019 guys.

Lastly, with all of our big boy and girl plans for 2019 (that I pray come to fruition) lets always try to run them pass God! I’m learning that involving Him is the true key to success, peace, happiness and all them good things there (Proverbs 16:3).

Happy New Year again guys!


MB xo


Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I'm MissBensonn & welcome to my blog!


I'm a BSc & MSc grad in my 20s still trying to navigate myself through life like many others.  

So why not buckle up and let's figure this ish out together.​​


MB xo​.

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