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Mental Health Awareness Week 13th-19th May

Hello hi, I know its been awhile and I do apologize for the lack of posts as well as the removal of them. I wasn’t feeling the quality of them and I truly believe in quality over quantity. Besides that I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with the whole job hunting process from meeting recruiters; preparing for interviews to being rejected. Looking for a job is literally a full time job in itself minus the pay lol. But I’ll leave all the post-uni job hunting woes for another post.

As a person who battles with anxiety and depression what better way to ease myself back into blogging then with a post on how important mental wellbeing is. As Mental Health Awareness Week comes to an end its important to know how far the topic in conversation has come.

Mental health was once a taboo but has come so far in terms of discussion and initiatives but there’s still so much that needs to be done. With the week coming to an end its crucial you give yourself a moment of peace this week. Be sure to take a deep breath and remember, you’re going to be okay.

Your mental wellbeing is just as important as your physical, here are some things I do to take care of mine.

1. TALK TALK TALK: I’m Christian so I strongly believe in prayer and think that talking to not only God, family & friends is so key it getting it all out. In addition to this, if you feel that you have no one to turn too the NHS is a great place to start! They offer therapy services (free) which myself & friends have benefitted from.

2. DROP YOUR GADGETS: Sometimes taking a break from social media isn’t enough. Taking a break from your phone, tablets and laptop is key. It’s like our brains are still in overdrive even when you binge on Whatsapp, YouTube & Netflix. Try going on walks without your phone and perhaps pick up a book!

3. EAT GOOD & EXERCISE: Now I’m no dieticianbut I definitely feel better when I eat fruit! I try to have a 5 a day and avoid energy drinks or anything with caffeine overall.

I hope these help and I’ll link my favourite sites that give great advice and services too!





MB xo

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