Zero posts from me this month *covers face* but I do hope you’re well. This month has been so so. Out of laziness I didn’t post on Valentines Day and honestly thought you didn’t need to hear me go on about being alone on the 14th and how self-love is the purest form of love you can attain. Actually that’s the undying love we get from being in Christ but you get my point.

Anyways, this really was a quick on to remind you even though it is the 28th February, it’s never too late to start to over! As cliché as it sounds, when and how you start doesn’t matter but how you finish does. Only just joined the gym on the 24th Feb lol. Will I be ready for Ibiza in August? I don’t know but I definitely feel like I’ve achieved something and moving forward I’m excited to attend classes.

So here’s just a reminder that just because February is short doesn’t mean you should sell yourself the same. I’m sure my friends are tired of this phrase but “we move, we just keep moving” (Ephesians 2:19-22).

No loses here just lessons. Be sure to reassess your goals and the necessary steps you’re taking to achieve them and let's get cracking init.


MB xo

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